Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NonFiction Bingo

(Sing along with me!)

B - I - N - G -
 B - I - N - G -
 B - I - N - G - O
and BINGO was his NAME -O

I loved Bingo as a kid! 
We used to sing that song when we played Bingo for hours and hours!

NonFiction Bingo helps to familiarize kids with the terms they need to know in order to understand nonfiction text. Run weekly contests! Kids put their Bingo coupons in the Bingo Jar and win prizes. Included are 4 pages of creatively designed markers, many different Bingo cards, Bingo winner coupons, Bingo labels for the jar and complete instructions. Color and black and white.

photo of Nonfiction Bingo, Bingo cards, PDF, Ruth S. TeachersPayTeachers.com


Monday, August 24, 2015

Teacher Templates and Forms Save Time

Have you looked for a form or template that you've needed at the last minute and just couldn't find it? I have! Talk about stress! 

With all the other preparations for back to school,  I'd go crazy looking for ONE template. Was it in my template folder in my file drawers at school? I thought it would be there, but NO! 

So after stressing out too many times, I decided to create this packet of templates to make my life EASIER! One template that I had never found a nice copy of was a generic answer sheet for 50 multiple choice questions. I created one. This packet of templates is now stored on my computer and NOT in my file drawer. Quick, easy and saves me time!


photo of Templates and Forms Save Time, PDF, back to school, Ruth S. TeachersPayTeachers.com

Friday, August 7, 2015

Wonders McGraw Hill Reading for Kindergarten

Are you looking for some great flashcards to supplement your Wonders Reading Program

Most of our products: Thematic Units, and Writing Center Anchor Charts and Activities are build around the Wonders Program.

Additionally here are a few more "Wonders" items:

Sight Word Flash Cards or Game Card Sets:

This set contains 21 sets that can be used as flashcards, write the room cards, game cards, fluency cards, writing center cards, and on and on.

Star Word Cards
Basketball Word Cards
Apple Word Cards
Space Word Cards
Clover Word Cards
Pocket Word Cards
Piggy Bank Word Cards
Leaf Word Cards
Valentine Word Cards
Framed Word Cards
Fish Bowl Word Cards
Gumdrop Word Cards
Beehive Word Cards
Bathtub Word Cards
Little Chick Word Cards
Horse Word Cards
Lamb Word Cards
Mud Word Cards
Penguin Word Cards
Halloween Headstone Word Cards
Panda Bear Word Cards

This product allows you to build a "Wonders" Sight Word Wall

This product allow students practice with "Wonders" Sight Word Sentences.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Using Bloom's in Math

As one of their assignments, my college students are required to create a practice test using pre-selected math vocabulary. This activity prompts them to review, look up definitions and apply the information to create ten good multiple choice questions while at the same time studying and assessing the material. Since I want the questions to be more than Level 1 (Remembering) or Level II (Understanding) of Bloom's Taxonomy, I give them the following handout to help them visualize the different levels.  My students find it to be simple, self explanatory, easy to understand and to the point.

Level I - Remembering

 What is this shape called?

Level II - Understanding

Circle the shape that is a triangle.

Level III - Applying

       Enclose the circle in a square.

Level IV - Analyzing

     What shapes were used to draw this picture?

Level V - Evaluating

How is the picture above like a real truck?  How is it  different?

Level VI - Creating

Create a new picture using five different geometric shapes.
(You may use the same shape more than once, but you must use five different geometric shapes.)

As teachers, we are only limited by our imagination as to the activities we ask our students to complete to help them prepare for a test. However, we still need to teach and provide information so the students can complete these types of tasks successfully. With the aid of the above chart, my students create well written practice tests using a variety of levels of Bloom's. When the task is completed, my students have also reviewed and studied for their next math exam. I consider that as time well spent!
Using Bloom's in Math

If you would like a copy of the above chart in a similar but more detailed format, it is available on Teachers Pay Teachers as a FREE resource.

(Science + Math)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Literature Interactive Notebook Stories

Coming soon (Release Date is April 15th). 
Access them on the release date, or follow my TpT store to get a notification when these bundles are released within the next few hours.Click Here

Hello everyone!  I have some really fun posts planned.  Check back often.  I have been working on several different things.  This is one of them.  It is designed to be such a time saver.

These short stories are thematic and fit right inside of student journals.  Each document provides three stories that teach the same theme, teaching tips, close reading questions, and an answer key.  More themes will be added soon.  Current themes include:
  • Identity
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • The American Dream
This is designed to fit will school district curricula, state assessments, and Common Core.  Students read multiple quick and original stories that address the same themes.  Stories are written using the same writing techniques as award winning novels. These high-interest stories cover multiple genres and are a great addition to lessons.  

Questions are written at different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy to help students evaluate text closely.  Stories can be read in one class period. Each document includes stories that can be extended for an entire week's worth of lessons.  

They are small enough to fit right inside of student journals.  Students can do a close reading of a passage right inside of their notebooks!  This makes them perfect for extending classroom lessons and as a tool for homework.

Use them as a quick assessment between novels.  Use them to review:
  • Themes
  • Character Analysis
  • Literary Devices (Foreshadowing, metaphors, personification, imagery, vivid verbs, symbolism, and more)
  • Tone and Mood
  • Comparing and Contrasting Texts
  • Inferences
  • Plot Structure
This is a great tool for Common Core.  It aligns to nearly all of the Common Core Literature Standards.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! 
Earth Day is observed each year on April 22nd. The purpose of the day is to encourage awareness of and appreciation for the earth's environment. It is usually celebrated with outdoor shows, where individuals or groups perform acts of service to the earth. Typical ways of observing Earth Day include planting trees, picking up roadside trash, and conducting various programs for recycling and conservation.

Symbols used by people to describe Earth Day include: an image or drawing of planet earth, a tree, a flower or leaves depicting growth or the recycling symbol. Colors used for Earth Day include natural colors such as green, brown, or blue. The universal recycling symbol as seen on your left is internationally recognized and used to designate recyclable materials. It is composed of three mutually chasing arrows that form a Mobius strip which, in math, is an unending single-sided looped surface. (And you wondered how I would get math in this article!?!) This symbol is found on products like plastics, paper, metals and other materials that can be recycled. It is also seen, in a variety of styles, on recycling containers, at recycling centers, or anywhere there is an emphasis on the smart use of materials and products.
Free Handout

Inspired by Earth Day, Trash to Treasure is an eight page FREE handout. It features clever ideas, fun and engaging mini-lessons in addition to cute and easy-to-construct crafts, all made from recycled or common, everyday items. Discover how to take old, discarded materials and make them into new, useful, inexpensive products or tools for your classroom. To download the free version, just click under the cover page on your right.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Glyphs Are Really Graphing!

Sometimes I think that teachers believe a glyph is just a fun activity, but in reality glyphs are a non-standard way of graphing a variety of information to tell a story. It is a flexible data representation tool that uses symbols to represent different data. Glyphs are an innovative instrument that shows several pieces of data at once and requires a legend/key to understand the glyph. The creation of glyphs requires problem solving, communication, and data organization.

Remember coloring pages where you had to color in each of the numbers or letters using a key to color certain areas or coloring books that were filled with color-by-numbers?  Believe it or not, these pages were a type of glyph. 

Glyph for St. Patrick's Day
For St. Patrick's Day I have created a Pot of Gold glyph. Not only is it a type of graph, but it is also an excellent activity for reading and following directions.  The glyph requires the children to draw, color, or glue different items on the Pot of Gold starting point. Students are to finish this glyph using the seven categories listed below.

1) How Do You Come to School?
2) Shamrocks (age)
3) Rainbow (favorite colors)
4) Boy or Girl?
5) Coloring the Leprechaun’s Hat (like to read?)
6) Coloring Your Gold (hair color)
7) Name

If you are interested, just click under the resource cover page seen above.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Milk Lid Math

Start saving those milk jug lids because there are countless math activities you can do in your classroom using this free manipulative
Here are just four of those ideas.

1) Sort the lids by various attributes such as:
  • Color
  • Snap-on or Twist-on 
  • Label or No Label
  • Kind of edge (smooth or rough)

2) Let the students grab one handful of lids.
  • Ask the students to count the lids.
  • See if the students can write that number.

3) Make a pattern using two different colors of lids.
  • Identify the pattern using letters of the alphabet or numbers. The pattern above would be an A, A, B pattern or a 1, 1, 2 pattern.
  • Now ask the students to use more than two colors to make a pattern
  • Once more, have the students identify the pattern using alphabet letters or numbers.

4) Decide on a money value for each color of lid. (Example: Red lids are worth a nickel, blue lids are worth a dime, and white lids are worth a penny.) Put all of the lids into a bag and have the students draw out four lids. Have the students add up the total value of these four lids.
Milk Lid Math
  • Use play money (coins) to have the students show the value of the lids. 
  • Have the students practice writing money as either a part of a dollar or as cents.
  • Another idea is to have the students find all the combinations of lids that would equal a nickel or a dime or a quarter.

On the original download you will receive 15 ideas with numerous subtopics listed under each one. These may be used with a whole group, small groups, or as center activities.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative's 1st Anniversary!

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative is celebrating our 1st Anniversary today. Educating Everyone 4 Life earned $44,887 in 8 months after joining TBOTEMC.  Read how TBOTEMC changed her life in the letter below and see her amazing “before and after TBOTEMC statistics” above. 

Leah Popinski earned $3,157 during her first 15 months at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Leah then joined TBOTEMC on August 5th and earned $9,014 in 3 months.

Twelve of our TBOTEMC members reached their TpT Milestone in 2014 and were highlighted in the TpT Newsletter.  Use the links below to visit their TpT stores.  (Teachers who are featured in the TpT Milestone section of the TpT Newsletter have an all-time total earning of $20,000; $75,000; $500,000; or $1,000,000.)

Whether you are a TpT veteran or just starting out at TpT, use TBOTEMC’s strategic marketing plan to help you get to your own personal milestone.  

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Time is of the essence!  The date and time you correctly complete The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative’s Registration Form will determine if you will be posting on The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs II, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs III, etc.  ALL OF THE LINKS FROM THE TBOTE BLOGS WILL BE POSTED ON ALL OF THE TBOTE BLOGS.

Teachers Pay Teachers now has three teacher millionaires.  Joining The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative may be the best New Year’s Resolution you can make for yourself and your family.  

Wishing you the best in 2015,


Dear Vicky,

I just wanted to share how TBOTEMC  is changing my life - I have attached my latest data. I did not post this to boast, only to show you the positive impact TBOTEMC is having on my success.  In the last eight months, I have made more than I make in a year teaching in the classroom.   I love teaching, but I love creating resources just as much! 

Feel free to use the data with others to help encourage others to join.

I am not sure thank you will ever be enough for how you and TpT have changed my life.  With you and TBOTEMC, I am doing things I only previously dreamed of doing.

I always loved creating educational resources, but I never dreamed I could have financial success as a teacher.  

Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!

-Educating Everyone 4 Life                             

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative

Thursday, January 8, 2015

FREE LESSONS & PRICED LESSONS - The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative

Spelling IS Important!

Like it or not, the correct spelling of words affects academic success. Students are frequently assessed on their skills in written language because it is considered a strong indication of their intelligence. Spelling is an indication of a number of things when a person applies for a job.  When correct spelling is used, words are readable and communication is clear. This convinces a prospective employer that the job applicant has been well educated. It also tells them that they take care of detail and take pride in what they present.  Let’s face it, university applications and job resumes littered with spelling errors don’t make it very far becuz badd spilleng is hrd 2 undrstnd wen yuu reed it.

Furthermore, good spelling streamlines communication. By following the identical rules for spelling words, we can all understand the text we read. Likewise, good spelling avoids confusion. In a way spelling is similar to football. It is up to the person passing the ball to make sure the receiver actually catches it. The same goes for spelling. If you write with intent and proper spelling, the receiver of that text will understand it.

As teachers and parents, we should care about the fundamental part good spelling plays in our language and everyday lives. We owe it to our students to give them the necessary skills and essential spelling tools for learning and communication so they can be successful.

Spell Down

Spelling Shake Up

If you would like to purchase some useful spelling resources, check out these two games. Their purpose is to help and encourage students to practice spelling words in a non-threatening way.

Monday, January 5, 2015

January Common Core Read-and-Write Activities

FREE LESSONS & PRICED LESSONS - The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs 

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So long 2014...Hello 2015! End of the year sale!!!

Happy New Year to all! I’m celebrating with a huge sale! This has been a terrific year for me on TpT and I’m very thankful to all of my customers and followers. I have enjoyed all of the wonderful feedback, suggestions and requests I have received on my clip art and other products. Keep ‘em coming! Makes me feel good knowing that I am helping other teachers with their teaching products.

Wishing all of you the best and brightest 2015.

Karen (KB Konnected)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the THREE $100 GIVEAWAYS of TpT Gift Certificates!

Congratulations to Learning Engineer, the winner of the FIRST $100 TpT Gift Certificate.

Congratulations to Christina L., the winner of the SECOND $100 TpT Gift Certificate.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Chapin Pinotti, the winner of the THIRD $100 TpT Gift Certificate.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vocabulary Shake Up

Vocabulary Shake Up
Because my math students fail to study vocabulary, even for a test, I created a new game called Vocabulary Shake Up. It is a set of four game boards specifically designed to practice vocabulary in any discipline. Two of the game boards are for six different words and the other two are designed to practice 12 words. The games can be used to review, study, and practice previous learned vocabulary or even to introduce and use new vocabulary. All games are designed for two players.  

Each game board is divided into six sections. From a word list chosen by the teacher, each player chooses six different vocabulary words.  In each box, the students write one word, putting a different word in each box.  The players take turns rolling the die and following the directions given in each section of the game board.  Complete directions are listed on each game board. Check it out!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

KB Konnected TpT Cyber Sale and Freebies!

Are you ready for the big TpT Cyber Sale? I am. I've added lots of new clip art products in the past few weeks. Stop by my KB Konnected TpT store and check them out. $ave! Most of my clip art collections include color and line art. I am showing just a few below.
Click on any product to learn more and don't forget to pick up my two freebies "It's Snow Christmas" and "Hanging Stockings Page Divider".



Freebies below!

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