Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School People Hunt

This is a FREE People Hunt handout for the first day of school. Each student gets a handout and they must fill in all the boxes with a name of one of the students in class. Names can only be used once, so they must be careful and creative about where they put the names! At the bottom, students are asked to give information about their previous class grades, and what they are good at in English class (can be changed to any subject), what they are not so good at, and what they would like to accomplish. Note: this is a Word file, so you can alter these as much as you need.

Once students have gone around and gathered names for each square, I chose one student to pick another student and tell me about what "box" that student was picked for. Then that student introduces another student, and so on. MAKE SURE you get everyone in class to talk either about themselves or another student. This can also be an opportunity for you to discuss what their fears and apprehensions are about your class, what they want to learn in
class, and for you to introduce some things they will be learning. Be sure to also introduce yourself! Also, this will have grade information about students that can help you in your planning and group organization. Be sure to keep it on file.

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