Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Colors!

Need a fun way to reinforce colors this Halloween Season? From the orange pumpkin to the witch that's green with envy... these illustrated Halloween inspired cards are created for the practice of reading these word names and also associating these names to the pictures and colors on each card. There's also a bonus classroom matching activity along with the directions for the colors word wall! It's targeted towards 1st and 2nd graders but Kindergartners can use it for the color recognition, matching and naming aspect as they are not yet ready for the word reading aspect.

Get it here at TPT ! Happy Halloween from Nyla's Crafty Teaching!

Friday Art Feature

My little artists are creating another Fall masterpiece this week.  I even got brave and broke out the paints (which is saying a lot if you knew my class this year).  Come on over to my blog to see what we are working on ...


Halloween Math Flashcards - FREEBIE!

Happy Friday everybody!!!  To get us in the mood for Halloween, I've created two different sets of flashcards.

Click this picture to get the addition/subtraction ones:

Click this picture to get the multiplication/division ones:

Enjoy!!!   Dana  :)

Panem October Goes Live at Midnight Tonight

Are you a fan of the popular young adult novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? 
 If so, you might want to head over to Panem October to register as a citizen before the site goes completely live tonight at midnight (EST). You can then check it out and have your students register next week. I had my students register and they are excited to see how this interactive alternate reality site will play out. 
This is just one of a few ways fans of the novel (and trilogy) can get their fix before the movie premieres March 23, 2012.

You can read more about sites like Panem October and The Capitol on my blog, found here and here.

And if you need any materials for teaching these great novels, check out my store, which is packed with engaging activities for students from age 12 through college level.

And, may the odds be ever in your favor!

FREE boxes rock!

Did you know you can get a ton of free boxes shipped free to you from the post office?

Click here to see how I used them in my classroom and how you can get your own stash of boxes!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Planet Lapbook

Well, this week marked our first foray into the wonderful world of lapbooking.  Come on over to my blog to see our first lapbook project - The Eight Planets of Our Solar System.  Having one under our belts now, I can't wait to raise the bar and try a more elaborate lapbook next time!


Who can use a few Classroom Freebies?

I wanted to be the first to announce to The Lesson Cloud readers the Grand Opening of a fantastic new blog called Classroom Freebies!  50 of the best bloggers out there sharing (what else?), but their very best FREEBIES!  Just for you!

If you head over to The Organized Classroom Blog today, you will be able to read all about how and why it was started and where you can go to get your Classroom Freebies for your very own classroom!

See you there!

Pick Up Sticks

Today, many students come to us without knowing their multiplication tables.  Some cannot learn them; others have no one to help them practice them, and a few refuse to memorize them.  Consequently, when it comes time to reduce fractions, the students have few strategies to use. 

Example of Two Pattern Sticks Showing Equivalent Fractions
Pattern Sticks are a visual way of showing students the many patterns on a multiplication table.  Since the pattern sticks are moved around to help solve a problem, they are appropriate for the kinesthetic student as well.  The pattern sticks work well in a regular classroom, but are also a very effective math tool for those with learning disabilities. 

This handout contains five suggested ways to use Pattern Sticks and include:

1)      To Practice Skip Counting
2)      To Determine What Number to Divide By
3)      To Find Equivalent Fractions 
4)      To Reduce Fractions 
5)      To Change Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers  

Also included in this resource are twelve Pattern Sticks that may be copied for the students to cut out and use.  Download the Preview Version to view “Lesson C” as well as two sample Pattern Sticks.  To read the entire article about Pattern Sticks, click here:  Article by Scipi
This resource is FREE until Sunday, October 2nd; so, don’t be on the short end of the stick by waiting!  (Ha, Ha!)

FREE Lab: Use of Lab Equipment and Data Analysis Skills

This lab can be used with any type of science class that does lab work and with students in grades 6 through 12. I have found that my students come to me at the start of the school year with very different skill levels. I use this lab to insure that all students are quickly familiarized with my lab and learn (or review) how to use basic pieces of lab equipment. This lab teaches the use of 5 basic pieces of lab equipment: a graduated cylinder, a Bunsen burner, a meter stick, a thermometer, and a quadruple beam balance. Students will work with this equipment and answer basic questions.

Also included is basic data analysis skills. Students will construct a data table, a line graph, a bar graph, and a circle graph.

Use of Lab Equipment and Data Analysis Skills

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Simple Writing Activities Inspired by Picture Books SAMPLE SET”

Lisa Rombach created a blackline master which you may use for any kindergarten - 2nd grade writing activity. There are primary lines for writing and a space for students to draw a picture. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and other free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's In a Name??

Want your students to succeed in your biology class?  Start by having them learn these prefixes and suffixes!

The new vocabulary words in a first year life science or biology class can be overwhelming.  However, many of the vocabulary words contain either a prefix or a suffix that will help the student understand the meaning of the word.  This assignment will help to familiarize your students with many of the common prefixes and suffixes used in biology.  This may seem difficult at first, but once the student learns these prefixes and suffixes, it will be of great benefit to them as the year progresses.

My NEW Classroom Newsletter

I'm so excited about my new classroom newsletter.  My old parent letters were sooooo boring - full of information, but absolutely no "WoW" factor.  Come on over to my blog to check out my new monthly classroom newsletter, and get the link for the template if you want to create your own.


Science Freebie!

Looking for a fun science experiment for 3rd-6th graders that includes a food element?  Fun!

Look no further!  Head over to The Organized Classroom Blog to grab your free copy now!

See you there!


Clicker lessons always go well for me.
Kids are engaged, there is solid educational value (not fluff!), and it is FUN.

The downside is that it usually takes me 2+ hours to make a 30 minute activity.

Most of what I make is way too personalized for anyone else to use......

"What was demonstrated on Monday when D'onna & Eliezer used the spring with the pink things on the end?" LOL

........but I dug through my files to find something to post at TpT that might allow some teachers to experience the joy of clickers without the time investment.

I made this file 2 years ago to use with the only 9th grade General Science class I ever taught. It is probably suitable for classes in middle school and maybe younger.

You need a Promethean Interactive Board and ActiveInspire software to use it. Click HERE to check it out.

National Geographic Kids and Adults Photography Contests!

National Geographic has yearly photography contests for adults and kids. It's a great time of year for everyone to get outside in the fresh air, with digital cams, to look for interesting subjects to photograph. Share these sites with your students. 

Autumn in New England, where I live, is spectacular! The country roads are tunnels of splashy colors! Crimsons, purples, yellows and yes, some blue hues! I have my digital cam with me at all times to try and catch the perfect sugar maple dressed up in its stunning red leafy cape.

The deadline for the kids' contest is October 31, 2011. 
Categories (kids) are: Animals, Scenery, People, and Humor
An 11 year old girl from Greece won the kids' contest last year. You'll see her photo from the category "People" on the website. Many prizes are given for all categories. 
2011 International Photography Contest for Kids - National Geographic Kids - National Geographic Home

My picture of Bermuda dances on a cruise ship
The adult contest ends November 30, 2011. Categories are: people, places, and nature.

Macbeth Literature Guide Released in PDF/E-Guide Format!

I'm so excited to finally announce that our newly revised Macbeth Literature Guide is here!  Available NOW in PDF/E-Guide format; print format available October 14.

Be sure to buy now and save 20% with our Banned Books Week sale going on now until October 2nd!  Enter 24BAN11 at checkout and save 20% instantly!!

This Secondary Solutions Literature Guide for Shakespeare's Macbeth includes 145 pages of practical, ready-to-use worksheets and activities for teaching this thrilling classic in grades 10-12.  Includes Pre-Reading Ideas and Activities on Ghosts and Superstition, The "Real" Macbeth and Duncan, an author biography, Historical Context activities on Theater in Shakespeare's Day, and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 ; List of Allusions, Terminology, and Expressions from the novel, defined; Vocabulary List with and without definitions; Note-Taking and Summarizing activities for each chapter or section; Journal Topics, Comprehension Check/Study Guide questions for each scene;  Standards Focus activities on Dialogue, Monologue, and Asides, Mood, Figurative Language, Plot and Conflict, Irony, Characterization, Character Analysis, Motif, Tragedy and the Tragic Hero, and Theme; Vocabulary Acquisition activities; Quizzes, Tests and more with Complete Answer Key and Teacher's Guide.

Thanks for stopping by!
(aka Secondary Solutions)
Secondary Solutions Blog
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Twiter: sec_solutions
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Cell Organelle Practice

Every life science and biology teacher has to teach the cell organelles and their functions.  The students have been taught these organelles/functions many times, but they need constant review and reinforcement. Here is a review worksheet that I use to help my students review and study for a unit test.  I use this as review, but it would make a great homework assignment or a daily quiz.  Students are given a word bank consisting of 21 different cell organelles.  There are 45 questions.  Each question gives a function that has to be matched to an organelle in the word bank.

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Free Job Charts for Helpers Power Point”

Wise Owl Factory created 12 colorful job charts. The jobs and names may be changed for your class and students. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and other free products.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

Curriculum Resources, Picture Books, and Science Magazine Giveaway

I have two awesome giveaways going on at my blog that you won't want to miss out on! My giveaways end on Wed., Oct. 5th. What are you waiting for? Head on over by clicking the links below. You can enter one or both of the giveaways. The first giveaway is for a lot of great curriculum resources, picture books, and magazines to would be perfect for those that teach elementary aged children. CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway.

The second giveaway is this amazing group of picture books, and curriculum resources that would be perfect for anyone who works with preschool or Kindergarten aged children. CLICK HERE to enter this giveaway.

All items are new-gently used.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hot Fudge Monday ... On Tuesday

Teaching Parts of Speech can be so much ... FUN!!!

I'm LOVING the new resource I'm using this year.  Come on over to my blog to hear all about Hot Fudge Monday ... with a title like that, it's gotta be good!!!


Add this new freebie to your collection of Halloween goodies.
Howl-o-ween Puns is mostly for fun, but learning is also an intended benefit in this free download. Students are instructed to check out the condition of their punnybones by reading Halloween-related riddles and spotting the pun in the collection of possible answers.

There are two different sets of riddles with 25 items each for students to sink their teeth into. For teachers, I have added an extra page of Halloween riddle-puns and a second page of anytime-puns that can be used to construct another lesson or two.

Full answer keys are included. Eight total pages counting cover page.  Download and enjoy.

Margaret Whisnant

Get to Know you Jenga Video!

I made my very first Youtube video about how to make a free Get to Know You Jenga game for your classroom. Watch the video, then download the free game strips here!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspire Creativity this Week!

We need to keep creative thought flowing for our students! This download is packed with over 70 ideas for any creative project for literature. BUT, it is so versatile, you can use the lessons and handouts in your history and science classes, as well! Creativity is NOT just for English/reading teachers. This file will help you find ways to inspire your students this week and all year long!


Free Moon Phases Lesson Idea

Hi all!  I was excited to hear that Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade wanted to do a Science Week!  I dig teaching science, in particular - rocks and minerals (just ask my old 3rd grade team about that!)

Anyway - today's topic was your favorite science books and I have a great one for introducing moon phases, along with a fun activity I found while browsing Pinterest the other day.  :)  Please stop by The Organized Classroom Blog to read all about it and grab some cookies for the activity as well!

See you there!