Monday, April 30, 2012

My Favorite End of Year Idea - Wonka Week!

Squirrely kidlets?  Me too!  I'm bringing back Wonka Week this year after a long hiatus (I just lost track of time!) and am excited to introduce it to my kids.
Let's do it together!
Buy: a bag or two of small wrapped candy bars (not the vacuum sealed kind – the wrapped in foil-lined paper kind), and 5 candy bars or other "big" prizes.
Print: the Wonka Tickets (on the next page) on yellow/gold paper.
Put: 5 Wonka tickets inside 5 special small candy bars.  You will have to fold them up and possibly reseal the small candy bars.
Get: a beautiful bowl to house all of the little candy bars – keep it visible but not reachable!
Cut: the rest of the Wonka Tickets out and put them in a secure baggie hidden from view.

During the week give out Wonka Tickets instead of your normal classroom incentive to awesomely behaved students. At the end of the day students who received a Wonka Ticket trade it in for a pick in the candy bar bowl.  Students who get a Golden Wonka Ticket in their candy bar get one of the exciting giant prizes!

I typically try to stay away from food incentives, but Wonka Week has been a great end of year treat for the kids (and for me!) in the past, so I'm putting my feelings about the candy-kid-combo aside for 10-14 days.

Teacher trick: to make sure the Wonka fun lasts as long as you want it to, only put one or two special “Golden Ticket” bars in the bowl at a time.  That way you can draw it out for as long as it is effective.  Is this cheating?! 

Click on the link above or on any of the pictures to go to my TpT store to download my Wonka Golden Tickets freebie.  I'm not quite sure how to make Google Docs mesh with my fancy fonts, so hopefully the link isn't a bother.