Monday, September 24, 2012

Shiloh Student Worksheets

Who doesn't love Shiloh? 

Kids and adults relate to this classic story of a boy who rescues Shiloh, an endearing, shy beagle, from his abusive owner. Marty has to hide him from his parents because they don't want another mouth to feed, so he lies as a cover up. The more he lies, the more his web becomes entangled.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor wrote this story based on an experience she had when she saw a sad sack dog on one of her trips to West Virginia. She just couldn't shake the image of the poor dog from her mind and thus the story evolved.

This 54 page packet has been created for busy teachers who just don't have time to put a comprehensive packet together.  Have a great year!


photo of Shiloh Student Worksheets PDF Ruth S. TeacherspayTeachers

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