Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Percents & Proportions Real-World Task Cards ~ Common Core

New the 7th grade this year under CCSS is so much focus on percent and proportion problems that really focus on math in every day life.

Much of this was a 6th grade standard before.

Here's a Task Card product that is aligned my CCSS MCC7.RP.  It will give your students lots of practice on a wide range of concepts in this standard.

This product contains 24 task cards which focus on CCSS MCC7.RP.

They are all about using percents and proportions in the real-world!

Concepts addressed include:

Sales Tax
Percent Increase
Percent Decrease
Amount of Discount
Discounted Sales Price
Percent Error

Several cards are multi-step and include 2 or more of the concepts listed above.

I've included a Student Answer Sheet as well as an Answer Key!

As always, I recommend printing these on card stock and laminating for longer, more durable use in the classroom.

Enjoy :)

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