Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wants and Needs, Holiday Style

Are your students overly concerned with what they and each other are getting for the holidays?  
This K-2 lesson idea is a gentle reminder that everything costs money and is a fun activity for children.  It begins with the printable (above, it opens right here) or holiday sales fliers to cut apart.  After the children "shop" gently guide them  realize they probably have nothing or not much to eat, wear, or live in.  They probably will select mostly wants, not food, shelter, or clothing!  From there, a discussion about the costs of wants will help settle down the "BUY ME THAT!" demands.  Even though they won't admit it, most children realize presents costs someone, somewhere money.  See detailed information in the PDF or at this blog post.  

Thanks for reading, Carolyn Wilhelm, MS Gifted Ed, MA K-12 Curriculum and Instruction, National Board Certified Teacher

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