Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's Inside the Egg?

For a fun, engaging writing activity to tie into Easter, I have my students write "20 Questions"-style clues about an animal that hatches from an egg. Each student selects an animal that hatches from an egg. They illustrate the animal on a small slip of paper, and write first-person clues about the animal on a large index card, such as "I am extinct" or "I have black and white feathers". They then hide their animal illustrations inside plastic Easter eggs. When everyone is finished, we play 20 Questions! Each student reads his or her clue, one at time, while the class tries to guess what's inside the egg. I also have a printable version of the activity available for FREE at my TpT store! This product contains instructions, photos, and pattern pieces for students to use instead of using plastic eggs. This activity also ties in well with a unit on animal life cycles. Check it out by clicking the pictures or link above.

Testing Cartoon

Gearing up for Testing?

I have some great review games as you get ready for your end of the year testing.

Visit my site here:  Classroom Confections

Countries of the World Bundle

This is a bundle of 14 copywork and activities book with a fun around the world theme. Each booklet focuses on a different country.  Your students can practice either their manuscript writing or cursive writing.

The countries in this bundle are:  Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Mexcio, Japan, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, Russia, Thailand and Switzerland.  Some of the themes in the booklets are:  interesting facts, language, cuisine, flags, maps, culture and more.  It also comes with a passport so that your students can track their travels.  This bundle has a 7% discount.

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Math Wheels

I am constantly trying to find new, fun, engaging ways to practice rote skills.  Math facts, for example, are learned by repetitive practice.  I think every classroom needs a variety of methods and materials to practice facts in order to build fluency.  These math fact wheels are designed to be used as a center or during another independent practice time.  There are three different sets within each file.  One set goes in numerical order, allowing you to differentiate for your students.  Another set has two random fact sets on each wheel, allowing your students to practice a variety of facts.  Click on each picture to head to my TpT store to see more information on each one.


Nonfiction Writing- Biography

Happy Saturday!
My students just finished our 9 week unit on nonfiction text and the kids had the best time with this genre! They had the best time being and author of their classmates biographies and writing about their classmates.
We used this organizational tool to take notes and then used this to write about their friends.

Come by 
and read about the process and grab an additional freebie! 

New farm activities

I just uploaded my newest Farm Math Work Station Activities to my TpT store.  There are seven new activities working on numbers 1 to 10.

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Mockingjay Hunger Games Acts of Goodness Challenge”

Tracee Orman created a “Hunger Games Acts of Goodness Challenge.” Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers for this and hundreds of free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

Friday, March 30, 2012

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Do You Do Data Binders? See How I Do & Freebie!

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Do You Do Data Binders? See How I Do & Freebie!: See how I'm using Data Binders in my class and get a free pack to get started with your own class!


Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers

Here's a fun activity to teach grades four and up how to visualize dangling and misplaced modifiers!
Happy April Gool's Day!

The Easter Bunny is Hopping for Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Grades 1-3

The Easter Bunny wants to share some fun FREE  Addition and Subtraction word problems. Great for math centers!!!  2 pages just for Grades 2-3 and 2 pages just for Grade 1. Would  truly appreciate having you follow me,  comments, feedback , +1.   Have a wonderful Easter holiday!
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Arlene at LMN Tree

Rr is for Rabbit Freebie!

I love to make hats out of sentence strips.. so here is a freebie I just threw together!  Start by writing the letter Rr or Rr words on a sentence strip.  Then color and cut the pieces.  Glue the face and tail on the front and back.  The ears are probably most easily stapled to the sides and flopped down or to the back standing up, facing forward!  Super cute!  

If you love this hat, you may also like this... an Alphabet Hat for each letter!  Stop by to see! 



Ms. Jessica created a Easter themed CVC Nonsense Word Game. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and hundreds of free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

Japan For Fun!

Japan is the featured country on Globicate this week.  Carolyn from Wise Owl Factory has created both a smartboard lesson and powerpoint to compliment my Daily G.L.O.W.  These lessons are fun, interactive, and engaging for your students.

They will walk away with an understanding of the complexity of living in Japan, including the beauty, similarities and vast differences from our own country. Enjoy your virtual trip to a country filled with so many things to learn about. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teaching Fractions

Gearing up to teach fractions to 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders?  Hop on over to my blog, Teaching With Style, for some lesson planning tips and a freebie for teaching with The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fractions Book by Jerry Pallotta. 

Main Idea and Norman Rockwell

This is one of my most favorite lessons for teaching main idea.  The kids love it and they stay engaged to see what the next painting is going to be.  We discuss that titles of paintings usually state the main idea of a painting. We list as many details as we can for each painting.  Then we decide what the main idea would be based on all of the details we discussed.  Afterwards, move the magnifying glass to uncover the title of each painting.  Compare the students response with Rockwell's title.  How do they can compare?  Have fun!  You can find it here!


Main Idea Bags and Foldables

Spring break officially starts for me tomorrow (though as far as I'm concerned, it started the minute I got home!!). This past week, I didn't want to start something new that the kiddos wouldn't remember when we returned (13 days from now). So, I decided to review Main Ideas & Supporting Details with the kids. This is a tough skill for ELLs to grasp, and this time I approached it in a totally new way- starting with pictures! There was matching, main idea bags, and even foldables! Stop by The ESOL Odyssey to find out more!

You can also stop by my TpT store to grab my Main Idea Activities and Printables!