Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ants - Love 'Em or Hate "Em? I love 'Em!!

The ant is truly amazing.  

Like many of you, I also get irritated by them.  But have you ever taken a few minutes to just watch ants?

Come to my blog and read my complete article on these amazing insects.  You will leave with a load of facts to amaze your students!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Free} Math Facts Keys Download

Hi, this is Robin from Sweet Tea Classroom. If you're looking for a way to help your students learn and practice their math facts, here is a simple solution. I think you will enjoy my free keys to math. 

They are a great math class solution and can be used as an alternative to math flash cards.

A Flash Card Alternative

On one side of the key, write a problem. Then write the solution on the back of the key. 

You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and many other types of problems. In fact, your Keys to Math will work for other subjects too. For example, you can write a contraction on one side of the key and a two words that make up the contraction on the other side. 

When you use these with students, experiment with using different colors of paper for different problems. For example, all addition problems using 3s may be on blue paper and problems with 4s may be on red paper. 
An easy way to reinforce math facts
You can also group like problems on different key rings. Head on over to Sweet Tea Classroom to get your free download. 


Robin @ 

Fun Writing Idea for Mo Willems Pigeon Book!

This is a fun writing idea for the end of the year! Use it to keep students motivated, and then give it as a special gift for a teacher your students particularly adored.

Click on the picture to read more about this great idea!

Thanks for looking!

HoJo's Teaching Adventures

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Mini Lessons for Grade 3 - Reading TEKS”

Mark Lyons created the Mini Lessons for Grade 3 students to understand the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards. However, these same skills are 3rd grade standards in most states. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and other free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

Angle Pairs Math Foldable

Looking for ideas for Math Foldables in your class?  Check out this post on my blog about a math foldable on angle pairs.

Melissa @ The Enlightened Elephant Blog

A portfolio is a sampling of information relating to a child’s developmental progress in a school setting. A portfolio contains work samples that are representative of where a child is at a particular time. It clearly shows development as it continues throughout the school year. A portfolio is an effective assessment tool that authentically documents a child’s progress and serves as a great reporting tool as well.
We have used portfolios for about 15 years now. They have not only proven to be effective assessment tools, but we have also found them to be very popular with parents and students alike. Furthermore, they continue to be loved throughout the years.
Memory books are also a great tool to keep “favorite” school memories alive. We have merged the memory book idea and included it as part of the portfolio system.

Check out our Portfolio/Memory Book product at our on-line store. We know your students and parents will love it!

This product has been built for your flexibility. There are portfolio covers and binder end tags provided for all grades Pre-K, K and 1st. There are also color or black and white options to run on colored tag, as colored ink is generally at a premium.
The product is then divided into sections: Beginning of the year essentials, month by month work samples, pages to use throughout the year to document memories, and an end of the year section. 
This summer, we will be adding other portfolio options. These will include adding math, science, art and more to this existing portfolio template. Also many of our units include portfolio suggestions.


Do you students always have all of their supplies?

Don't you just hate it?  It is time to begin a math assignment and four students raise their hands to tell you that they don't have a pencil.  ERRR!  It is so hard to teach when students don't have all of their supplies.  What's a teacher to do?  Read today's blog post for some tips for this problem and get a free printable.

Monday, May 28, 2012


This is a newly created quick game that I use in my classroom. I myself being a teacher, love to find quick and easy to use games. Students will have a blast working with these adorable froggies! This game is about finding matching of 2-digit numbers. Students take turns matching the cards and the winner is the one with the most matches.

You can come and get all of my freebies from my TpT store and I would love for you to visit and follow me at SUPER SECOND GRADERS!

It's Hip to Be Square!

Wanna know what I am writing about tonight?

2nd grade Common Core:  Geometry

Reason with shapes and their attributes.

1. Recognize and draw shapes having specified attributes, such as a given number of angles or a given number of equal faces. 1 Identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes.
1 Sizes are compared directly or visually, not compared by measuring.

Tis the season in my school district to teach about geometry.  In second grade, we teach everything from basic shape identification to flips, turns, congruency, symmetry, vertices, and a lot more!

Geometry units did not use to be my favorite, but over the years, I have learned to sort of make it fun for me as well as my kids!  Here are a few tricks of 'my' trade!!

1.  Have students use their bodies to make <or at least try to make> shapes as you call them out.  I use 'Simon Says' to do this!  I might mix this with having them draw on paper or a dry erase board so I can make sure that they have a good idea of the characteristics of each shape.

2.  Play "I Spy"...this can be done for both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.

3.  When teaching 2-dimensional shapes, cut construction paper into fourths and have kids use glue and yarn to create the shapes.  Tooth picks can also be used for some.  Then, staple the fourths of the construction paper back together, add a cover, and you have a book about shapes.

4.  Use pattern shapes to create bigger shapes.  i.e. a flower, house, etc.

5.  Use patterns to create 3-dimensional shapes.

6.  Create a chart using the characteristics of each shape <number of vertices, faces, bases, sides, etc.>

7.  Create a talley chart showing how many of each shape is spotted in the classroom.

8.  Use pattern blocks to show how patterns can repeat.  Use pictures from nature to show how patterns are used over and over <i.e. a honeycomb> favorite of all......

Edible Playdough!!!!

Edible playdough can be used to create both 2 and 3-dimensional shapes.  I provide wax paper to cover the desk and give the students a small plastic cup to use as a rolling pin and a plastic knife to cut and trim.  I have even given a quiz with this method!!!  Click here to download the recipe that I use to make edible playdough!  Caution:  I would make extra since it will be so tempting to eat it!

If you get to use the edible playdough, let me know how it goes!  It will probably become one of your favorite lessons!

If you are looking for something to put in your centers, I also have 2 brand new sets of geometry task cards that you can take a look at by clicking here and here or by clicking on the pictures below.

Summer Picture Prompts for Writing

Here's a set of 14 picture prompts for summer writing. Your K-3s will love writing about ice cream, sand castles, lemonade, baseball, and more, and you'll know that they're getting more practice with writing personal narratives, lists, descriptions, etc.

All of my products at TPT are on sale at 20% off through today - including this set of prompts!
Click here to visit my blog and pick up your free sample of 3 picture prompts from the set.

Enjoy the rest of this wonderful weekend!


FREE MATH LESSON - “Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Four-In-A-Row Game”

Pam Woods, also known as Vintage Teacher, was a teacher-seller at Teachers Pay Teachers. Her “Five Friday Freebies” was a favorite on her blog, “Vintage Teacher.” Pam has passed away and her family has decided to change all of her TpT products to free products. “Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Four-In-A-Row Game” is just one of the amazing freebies you will find at the Vintage Teacher's TpT store. You may go to Pam’s final blog post on October 27, 2011 and leave a message to her family.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

End-of-the-Year... Fluency Boot Camp!

It's the end of the school year and the time is winding down! 

With so little time and A LOT to fit in, why not give your students an end-of-the-year fluency boost? Consider doing a Fluency Boot Camp as a FUN pre-summer classroom review for fluency skills! Students will love participating in the interactive fluency activities that are included in this 70-page product. Whatever your don't finish, send home in a summer fluency packet!


This item is my best-selling item and has received many positive reviews! Check out what others are saying about this great product at my MsJordanReads store! :) 

Check out my blog post for additional FREEBIES to go with this Fluency Boot Camp!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Sale at Liz's Lessons Blog!

Happy Memorial Day! ALL of my Teachers Pay Teachers products are now 20% OFF until midnight on Monday! Stock up on French and Spanish Final Exam Review Packets, Summer Vocabulary and Activities, and Back-to-School items for next year!

The things kids listen to these days

Having issues with songs on the radio or things your students are listening to? Here is my two cents... click the little boy below!

FREE MATH LESSON - “Summer Time Math Centers: 10 More 10 Less {Free}”

Stacy Johnson created this summer themed addition and subtraction math game. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and hundreds of free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

End of the Year Time Capsule

This is a fun activity that can be used as a writing workshop to end the school year.  Students will write their thoughts about various prompts and then they will roll them all up and place them in a homemade time capsule. They can then take it home and open it next year (or they can peek inside whenever they want.)  Click here to see more about this fun product.

Come check out my TPT and TN stores for more great end of the year and summer activities for writing, math, Spanish and French!  Also, check out my website for lots of great freebies!

Thanks and have a great day,

Would You Give a Mouse a Cookie

 Here is my newest unit.... If You Give Mouse a Cookie! 
I made lots of activities here, so I know you will LOVE it.

Psss. it is on sale through Monday for 20% off!

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

Summer Reading Motivation Charts

Need something to keep your kiddies reading during the last stretch of the school year? Or maybe during the summer break?

These reading motivation charts are easy to use and fun to complete! Students fill in the squares with stickers, stamps, or happy faces each time they read a book.

Come grab your free copy at my blog today!