Saturday, June 30, 2012

Practice Alphabetizing to the 2nd Letter

Let this word sort help your kiddos practice alphabetizing words that begin with the same letter. Just click the {pic} to get your own copy! Have a great day!

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Permanent Marker Magic!

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Permanent Marker Magic!: Head on over to catch this {video } of how you can make your life much more simple! Thanks! Hope to see you soon!

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt”

Poetgrl78, a seller-author at, created a Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt which could be used by individual students or in a group. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and hundreds of free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

Fern Smith's Freebie - Elementary Work Folders / Daily Folders Covers!

This FREEBIE is a sample of three of my Elementary Work Folders / Daily Folders Covers!
Adorable Student Loved Themes!
* Helps the children learn organizational skills, no more papers shoved into their desks.
Social Studies Folder, Take Home Folder and Center Folder.
* The file is available in both color and as a black & gray version to save you the cost of colored ink! 
* Six pages total!
*Looks great if you print the black and gray version on colored paper!
The full version of these products are available at TPT & Teachers Notebook!
Your students will ♥love♥ it! 
I'm Fern Smith, my school's Teacher of the Year and 3rd Grade Team Leader.
If you haven't been to my blog, I'd love for you to drop by and follow me! 
Thanks, ~Fern

Guided Reading Freebies!

Skip over to {Little Minds at Work} to learn about my guided reading groups and grab some awesome freebies!

Friday, June 29, 2012

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Is It A Letter, Word, or Sentence?”

Teresa Williams created a cut-n-paste activity to help students differentiate between a letter, word, or sentence. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and hundreds of free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

Awesome Online Websites!

I have always enjoyed finding great educational websites and sharing them with my colleagues. Now that I am a blogger, I get to share them with the world!

So, check out the pictures below to see some new, totally awesome websites!

This site is WONDERFUL if you are looking for new and exciting topics each day. There is a widely different topics each day. Every topic has a video clip, reading selection, learning activities, and vocabulary to go with it. This could be great for time savers or as a morning opening. With everything they have archived on their site, it is suitable for a variety of grade levels! Clicking on the picture below will give you more info.

While teaching Kindergarten, I absolutely LOVED this site! Students simply play a matching game to help find sight words. It is appropriate for grades K-2. Click on the picture to learn more.

This last site is probably my all-time favorite videos to show to my students. I have shown it to students in grades K-6. It's basically a flashmob put on by a school as an incentive to get students reading. You'll find yourself humming it all day! =) Click on the picture - it's worth five minutes of your time! 

Whew! That's a lot for one day! Thanks for looking!

HoJo's Teaching Adventures

Thursday, June 28, 2012

FREE Digital Paper

Who likes CHEVRON?  When I first heard that I thought it was referring to a gas station...guess not :)  Head on over to my blog to get some chevron pattern digital paper, FREE!

Melissa @ The Enlightened Elephant Blog

One Summer Goal....Done!

I am well on the way to completing my summer goals.  My first goal was to spend as much time as possible with my family and enjoy having my daughter home from college.  I am delighted to report that this goal is going splendidly!!

My "school-related" goal is to work on and improve my teaching materials for ecology.  There is so much material that has to be covered for our state "End of Course" test, that I have found it best to break the material down into "mini-units".  As a result, I teach ecology in 6 mini-units:  Introduction to Ecology, Population Ecology, Community Ecology, Energy Flow and the Recycling of Matter, Biomes of the World, and Humans and the Environment.  The news here is "One down, and 5 to go."  I have overhauled my Introduction to Ecology unit by preparing a photo-packed PowerPoint for my students, and by adding several new activities.

If you are wondering what concepts I include in a mini-unit called "Introduction to Ecology", here they are........

Morning Journals

One of the ways that I incorporate writing into my students'  daily routine is through the use of Morning Journals.  Ever morning they have 15 minutes to respond to a prompt with a few sentences and a picture.  


Come learn more about them!

FREE MISC. LESSON - “‘Going Home?’ and ‘Coming to School?’ Signs”

Katie Jones created two signs to welcome and say good-bye to your students. Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” for this and hundreds of free lessons.

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

A Simple Way to Improve Home/School Relationships

If you aren't already doing newsletters and monthly calendars for your families, I'd recommend it. They really help keep everyone "in the know" and build relationships too. Love that! Mine needed a makeover, and summer always puts me in a creative mode so my first big project of the summer was these matching sets of classroom calendars and newsletters. They're available in my TpT store for $2.50 each. The newsletters can even be personalized. How fun is that? I'm working on other matching items for the set too. Even if you don't decide to use my sets, I hope they inspire you to do something similar for your parents and families.
For classroom organization tips, literacy resources, reading strategies, writing minilessons, math games, freebies, and more follow my blog, Ms. Fultz's Corner.

FultzCorner Button

We DID it! The Lesson Cloud WINS!

The Lesson Cloud has just been named "Best Educational Blog for 2012" in the "Other" category by Really Good Stuff!  We are so excited, and want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us! 

We would also like to CONGRATULATE the other winners, Miss Kindergarten, First Grade Parade, Fun in Room 4B, Fun to Teach ESL, Ms. Rachel's Room - A Special Ed Classroom, Schoolgirl Style, and to everyone who was nominated!

We'll be writing a monthly blog for the Really Good Stuff's Blog "Teacher Ideas" so we are thrilled to be able to share more valuable resources and amazing ideas with you.

Thank you so much again for being a loyal follower of The Lesson Cloud...we couldn't have done it without you!

-Kristen Bowers and the authors of The Lesson Cloud blog

Fern Smith's The -ell Family Packet ~ PowerPoint, Center Game & Spelling Bundle!

So excited to share my newest Word Work Bundle, The -ell Family!
Adorable Lamb with a Bell Theme! $5.00 at TPT & TN
This packet contains a PowerPoint, Center Game & Spelling Unit!
Click here or on any picture for more information!
 The Spelling Unit ~ 10 pages. Some school districts call it Spelling, some call it Word Work! This packet has both versions! The PowerPoint & Center Game works with the whole class for Spelling or Word Work!
 The Center Game ~ 14 pages designed to be an independently led student center game. EXCELLENT for when the teacher is working with small reading or math groups. It also contains the ENTIRE game in a black and white version so that you can save on your color ink, OR copy it and send it home as weekly homework. Great for the students to cut apart and practice fine motor skills!
The PowerPoint ~ a 27 slide, 20 to 30 minute introduction to the concept of the "-ell Family." It has high end graphics, visual effects and is interactive asking students to recite along with the letter by letter display of the word, as well as asking them to read sentences with the -ell Family words! Great for principal evaluations!
Also terrific for mixed grade level classes! Your students will ♥love♥ it! 
I'm Fern Smith, my school's Teacher of the Year and 3rd Grade Team Leader.
If you haven't been to my blog, I'd love for you to drop by and follow me! 
Thanks, ~Fern

Follower Appreciation Sale and a FREEBIE!

Fly on over to my TpT store on Sunday and check out my ONE DAY SALE!  In honor of reaching over 400 followers at my TpT store, I am offering 20% off my entire store for one day only, July 1st. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of my followers who have allowed me to work a second job that I truly love, second only to teaching.  I love creating digital items that other teachers and/or parents can use with their kiddos!  It has also allowed me some financial flexibility (This quarter's income is going towards the deductible for my daughter's back surgery). 

AND...... Here is a freebie for you as well!!!!

Just click on the picture above and pick up a set of 12 month labels, as well as 31 calendar cards & 6 blank ones to start off the next school year.  Hope you enjoy them!

Happy Summer!!!