Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fifty (50) Landforms and Bodies of Water Workbook & Visual Dictionary

Appropriate for any age -- from 5 to 25!  This 50-page visual dictionary/ workbook assignment gives students an opportunity to learn up to 50 landforms and bodies of water in a fun, completely visual way.

Give your students the 21st geography skills they will need in an increasingly "globalized" world.

Students must define each geography term, list examples, and then provide a photograph for each.

The nice aspect about this assignment is that it is fully customizable to your students' abilities and needs. You may not need all 50 pages, but you can always mix-and-match to fit your curriculum.

Let's imagine you are introducing landforms and bodies of water to elementary school students: you might choose ten basic terms from this workbook to teach.

However, what if you are teaching more advanced learners?

Challenge your students by requiring them to know specific differences between a swamp and a marsh or between a canyon and a ravine.

No matter how you use it, this will be an excellent resource for you!

Terms included are: Archipelago, Atoll, Basin, Bay, Bayou, Beach, Butte, Canyon, Cape, Cave, Channel, Cliff, Coast, Continent, Cove, Creek, Dell, Dune, Estuary, Fjord, Flood Plain, and many, many more!

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