Sunday, February 17, 2013

Presidents' Day Lesson Plans

Sometimes... I run out of time to make great lessons.
I mean, with meetings, report cards, behavioral issues, and such... I just can't do it all!
Science and Social Studies are the hardest to plan for... yet the most fun!

And if you are like me and NEED help with time sometimes, I have HELP ready.
I have made 11 lessons all about Presidents' Day and US Symbols for Kindergarten!

 Here is an example of one lesson on President Lincoln.
I also made TONS pf printables and activities to expand our learning even more. 
There is a reader, lots of labeling sheets, writing templates, and more!
 I use these printables on week 2... so they are prepped and ready in my classroom!

I doubled the size of this unit from last year, so you can go under "my purchases" on TpT to re-download it for all the extra goodies free! 

So, relax (if you can!) and concentrate on all those other time consuming tasks... we got Social Studies covered for the next two weeks guys... and it is going to be F.U.N!

Click on any of the pictures above or {here} to get this file!
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

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