Monday, February 18, 2013

Space Unit For Little Kids

Hello All!
I just finished my newest unit "SPACE FOR LITTLE KIDS Let's Make a Book". I have taught this unit for years, but just finished getting it ready to share! Honestly, you can teach a resource in your classroom for such a long time and then when you start to get it ready to share, you find out that all the little kinks in the unit that you put up with for so long, just won't work for others! (Smile)

So, after many, many months of refining this resource, I think that I have a product that is user friendly, educational, and fun for kids!

Here is the preview file....
The MOST fun part of this packet is the cover! My kiddos love creating this book and in the meantime, they are learning new science terms, using their fine motor skills to create the book, and using their emergent reading skills to read their book!
Until next time!

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