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Author Biographies by Secondary Solutions

Use Facebook for Modern Character Sketch by Tracee Orman of Hunger Games

Advanced Word List (SAT Caliber) by Secondary Solutions

The Hunger Games Commercial Activity by Tracee Orman of the Hunger Games

Alphabet Book Template by Sunny Days

What's Hot, what's not Classroom Activity for Any Content Area by Tracee Orman

Guided Reading Tips, Hints, Strategies and Activities and Ideas by Wise Guys

The Potter Games:  Reading Made Fun by Tracee Orman of The Hunger Games

Study Homonyms on the Computer by Charlene Tess

Work Pages for Henry and Mudge Take the big Test by Wise Owl Factory

Back to School Brain Teaser Vocabulary Bundle by Margaret Whisnant

Figurative Language Worksheet by Addie Williams

Book Report Basketball: Using Basketball to Motivate Readers by Wise Guys

"Firework" by Katy Perry Song Lyrics Poetry Terms Figurative Language by Tracee Orman

Monitoring Comprehension: Comprehension Strategy Bookmark by Runde's Room

Mrs McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash Activity Pack by Charity Preston

Essay Writing Prompts Narrative Persuasive Expository by Tracee Orman

Boggle Templates by Rachel Lynette

Bio Poems Made Easy by Laura Candler

Back to School Poems by Runde's Room

Simpsons Character Tags Creative Novel Literature Activity by Tracee Orman of The Hunger Games

Creative Monthly Elementary Reading Log for September Football Theme by Wise Guys

Quotes in the Classroom by Rachel Lynette

Five Question Story Writing for Young Authors Looking for Inspiration by Margaret Whisnant

Valentine's Syllable Sort by Shelley Gray

Synonym Squares by Sunny Days

Graphic Organizers : Four Appealing Activities for Any Book by Rachel Lynette

Camping Scavenger Hunt Know How by Charity Preston

Crafty Comprehension by Rebecca Bettis

Show Don't Tell by Kristen at Secondary Solutions

Descriptive Words by third Grade GridIron

Six Graphic Organizers for Writing by Margaret Whisnant

CVC Word Wheels by Nyla's Crafty Teaching

Sports Rhyme Time Game by Charity Preston

Polar Bears Past Bedtime Novel Study Activities by TchrBrowne

Canterbury Tales Wife of Baths Tales Activity Pack by Secondary Solutions

Comprehension Spinner by Hillary Lewis

Daily 5 Single Word Bulletin Board Headers by Hillary Lewis

Percent Poetry - 100% Me!  by Runde's Room

Reading Log Reading Strategies Sentence Starters for Kids by Hillary Lewis

Bookmark Templates by Tracee Orman of the Hunger Games

Differentiated Spelling Homework by Charity Preston

Elements of Literature Handouts by Kristen of Secondary Solutions

Back to School Poetry Bookmarks by Addie Williams

Literacy Worksheets for any Book by TchrBrowne

Learn to Read PowerPoint by Wise Owl Factory

"Would You Rather..."  Questions by Rachel Lynette

A Day to Serve:  Teaching 9/11 by Tracee Orman

Back Words For Back To School by Margaret Whisnant

Words to Avoid in Your Writing by Kristen of Secondary Solutions

English Specific Lesson Plan Template by Tracee Orman Hunger Games

Reading an Essay Prompt Activity by Kristen at Secondary Solutions

Parents are Teachers Family Literacy Brochure by Brenda Frady

Create a Caricature Literature or History Activity South Park Style by Tracee Orman

Essay Writing Prompts:  Narrative, Persuasive and Expository by Tracee Orman

Vocabulary Activity: Write a Nonsense Story by Krystal Mills

Author Biographies by Secondary Solutions

Literature Unit: Neil Armstrong is my Uncle and Other Lies Literature Unit by Tracey (Smart Chick)

Individual Genre Reference Page by Hillary Lewis

Book Order Form Literacy Center by Sunny Days

Fairy Tales Test Comprehensive Worksheet by Rebecca Bettis

President's Day by Sunny Days

Guided Reading Prompt Cards by Shelley Gray

Bunnicula Quiz by Rebecca Bettis

Graphic Organizers Bundle for 6 Novels by Margaret Whisnant

O Captain My Captain Whitman Poem Poetry Art Print by Tracee Orman of Hunger Games

Sample Syllabus for Middle or High School by Kristen of Secondary Solutions

Boggle for the SmartBoard by Runde's room

20 Would You Rather Questions for Kids by Rachel Lynette

Hunger Games would You Rather Questions by Rachel Lynette

Harry Potter would You Rather Questions by Rachel Lynette

Upper and Lower Case Letters :  Goin' Fishin' Game by Hillary Lewis

Alphabetical Order Unit Plan by Nyla's Crafty Teaching

Vocabulary Bingo by Charity Preston

Corrected Posters for the Genre Poster Pack by Hillary Lewis

Number the Stars Graphic Organizer by Margaret Whisnant

James and the giant Peach Reading comprehension Guide by Wise Guys

Character Trait Words 42 Bright Colorful Words Worksheet by Rachel Lynette

Earth Day Word Work by Sunny Days

Goal Tracking For Kids Made Easy by Laura Candler

Paper Drop System by Laura Candler

Word Wall by Fun 2B in First

Weather Vocabulary Words by Fun 2B in First

The Heroic Journey and Whirligig A Unit Plan by Mark Welch

Parts of Speech Book Hunt by Third Grade Gridiron

Short Vowel Word Ladder by Fun 2B in First

Smart Phone Reading Poster by Truth Me

Alien Text Talk Week 1 by The Teaching Bank

Daily 5 Rotation Cards by Wise Guys

Magic Tree House Good Morning Gorillas Novel Study by tchrBrowne

Journal Prompts by Ruth S.

Daily 5 Finding Good Fit Books and I PICK Introduction Powerpoint by Wise Guys

Activity for Vocabulary Words for any Subject Unit Literature by Ann Marie Smith

CUPS Conventions Poster by Lisa Frase

Guided Reading and the Daily 5 in the Intermediate Grades Schedule by Wise Guys

Dictionary Worksheets with Answer Keys by Rachel Lynette

The Incredible Ideas Compilation by Shelly Gray, Laura Candler, Rachel Lynette and Sunny Days

Word Sorts with Pictures -all, -aw, -ail, -ock sounds by Hillary Lewis

Making Predictions PowerPoint by PowerPoint Maniac

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane Comprehension Guide by Wise Guys

Roll, Say, Play Dice Game

Expository Writing Students Create a Themed Newspaper by Addie Williams

Adjectives PowerPoint Lesson and Interactive Quiz - Three Little Pigs Themed by PowerPoint Maniac

Poetry Activity Twitter-Style:  Writing a Poetweet or Twaiku by Tracee Orman

Guided Reading Activities and Worksheets Introduction Common Core by Wise Guys

Non Fiction Conventions Notebook PDF by Wise Owl Factory

Sports Rhyme Time by Charity Preston

Using Apostrophes Correctly by Charlene Tess

Using a Dictionary Activity by Secondary Solutions

Recommended Reading List for Honors English by Secondary Solutions

Recipe for Reading Comprehension Raccoons by Rebecca Bettis

Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat Graphic Reading Organizer by Michele Luck

End of Book Activities by The Teaching Bank

Being Different is Being Special: A Balanced Literacy Resource by Shelley Gray

Hunger Games Mockingjay Halloween Pumpkin Template Word Search by Tracee Orman

Never Ride Your Elephant to School Reading Strategies by Charity Preston

Poem in Your Pocket Day Printable Poems to Celebrate Poetry by Tracee Orman

Any Book Literature Sampler 14 Printable Pages by Rachel Lynette

How to Eat Fried Worms Reading Group Activity Guide by PowerPoint Maniac

Catching Fire Letter  from Katniss Writing Activity by Tracee Orman

Halloween Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Sort by Michelle Walker

Book vs Movie Worksheet by Rachel Lynette

Reading an Essay Prompt Activity by Secondary Solutions

Short Story Rubric Creative Writing Peer Teacher Editing by Tracee Orman

12 Months of the Year Mini Book by Learn and Grow Designs

Grammar Skills Classroom Behavior Management Idea by Ann Marie Smith

Guided Reading Poster 5 Finger Retell by Hillary Lewis

Diary of a Worm Genre Poster and Review by TruthMe

9/11 Service Project Writing Prompt by Tracee Orman

Poem Scavenger Hunt and Bingo by TruthMe

100 Hundred Points Book Report by Ruth S.

Thirty Days Hath September by Margaret Whisnant

Nonsense vs Real Words Dinosaur Word Sort by Krissy Miner

I Can Read A Sight Word Individual Book by Jennifer Kadar

Bb or Dd by Jennifer Kadar

Somebody Poster by Runde's Room

A to Z Memory Book Smart Board Version by Wise Owl Factory

A to Z Memory Book PowerPoint Version by Wise Owl Factory

A to Z Memory Book PDF Version by Wise Owl Factory

Narrative Essay Rubric for Suspense and Foreshadowing by Ann Marie Smith

Banned Books Bookmarks by Tracee Orman

Halloween Puns by Margaret Whisnant

Irregular Verb Matchup by 3rd Grade Gridiron

Halloween Costume Descriptive Writing Prompt Handout by Ann Marie Smith

Twitter Tweet Story or Chapter Summary by Tracee Orman

October Facts and Fun Cards by Sunny Days

Halloween Subway Art:  Writing, Poetry, Art Prompt by Addie Williams

Electronic Pocket Chart by Karla Banks

The Monkey's Paw Elements of Foreshadowing Chart by Ann Marie Smith

The Pumpkin Pack Pumpkin Pie for All by Runde's Room

Halloween Writing Prompts from Runde's Room

Author's Purpose eBook by Charity Preston 

Hunger Games Chapter 15 Comparison Activity by Tracee Orman

The Day After Halloween Creative Writing Activity by Tracee Orman

Letter Naming Rake BAM by Empowering Little Learners

Thanksgiving Writing Activity by Recess

Thansgiving Reading Comprehension Turkey Notification by Rebecca Bettis

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for Kids by Rachel Lynette

Christmas Stocking of Cheer Writing ArtsCrafts Project by Ann Marie Smith

Thanksgiving Turkey Drawing and Writing Packet by KinderKay

Snow Rhyming by TchrBrowne

Hunger Games "What If..." Questions by Tracee Orman

Busy Prepositions by Teach123

Patriotic Picture Writing Prompt by Teach123

Phonics Family by Teach123

Writing Center Word ring by Teach123

Vocabulary: Cool Cat Words by Teach123

Easy Morning Messages #1 by Teach 123

Fun With Word Banks by Teach 123

Biography Report Organizer by Teach 123

Nouns Review Bulls Eye Games by Michelle Harper

Story Game Board by Michelle Harper

Corners Game - Sentences by Michelle Harper

Road Runner - Contractions by Michelle Harper

Match Game - Rhyming Words by Michelle Harper

Shape Writing by Michelle Harper

ethos, pathos, logos handouts by Laura Torres

Descriptive Writing Picture Prompts by Laura Torres

Rewriting / Revision Hands-on Activity by Laura Torres

Common Core Writing Anchor Chart and Graphic Organizer by Tracee Orman

Common Core Reading Graphic Organizer for Standard RL.11-12.5 and RI.11-12.5

Common Core Reading Graphic Organizer for Standard RL.9-10.3 and RI.9-10.3

Common Core Reading Graphic Organizers for Standard RL.8.7 and RI.8.7

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