Science Science Freebies

Scientific Method PowerPoint with Notes for Teacher and Student by Science Stuff (Amy Brown) 

Mycorrhizae (Fungi) Graphing and Data Analysis Worksheet by Amy Brown (Science Stuff)

Physics - Conservation of Energy Problems PowerPoint by Lisa Tarman

Science Multicultural Activity by The Lesson Guide

Characteristics of Life PowerPoint - Amy Brown (aka Science Stuff)

Rock Cycle Game by Science, Etc.

Mole Practice Problem Worksheet by Science Stuff

Anticipation Guide -  The Moon by sunny Days

Use of Lab Equipment and Data Analysis Skills by Science Stuff

Make a Quake Simulation Activity by Science, Etc.

Flatworms and Roundworms Crossword Puzzle by Science Stuff

What Do Scientists Do?  by Deanna Jump

Chemistry Lab: Heat of Crystallization by Science Stuff

Plant Apple Graphing Practice with Critical Thinking Questions by Lisa Michalek of The Lesson Guide

Catalase: An Enzyme Common to Both Plants and Animals by Science Stuff

Rocks and Minerals Wordles by TechedOutTeacher

Monohybrid Mice! (Monohybrid Genetics Problems)  by Science Stuff

Scientifically Speaking by TechedOutTeacher

The Effects of Concentration on the Rate of Diffusion by Science Stuff

Minerals Graphic Organizer for Earth Science Geography by Addie Williams

DNA Extraction Lab by Science Stuff

Entomophagy Bug Bistro Menu by Truth Me

Animal Adaptations PowerPoint by PowerPoint Maniac

Balancing Equations Word Equations and Types of Reactions by The Science Vault

Rocks and Minerals: I Have...Who Has Flashcards by PowerPoint Maniac

Science Notebook Rubric by Science Gal

Using a Graph to Find Area by Amy Brown (Science Stuff)

Free Magnets Lessons with teacher posters and student work pages for K-1 from Wise Owl Factory